The Bureau (under construction)

The Analogue and the Digital branch

The Analogue branch could take the shape of a combined hotel/ community centre/ museum. A place for people who are interested in learning about and developing counterculture.

The Digital branch could be a website, consisting of departments, for example

  • History of counterculture – a library of articles and links
  • Present/Future of counterculture – a laboratory
  • The Shop – providing a stage for alternative fashion, design, music

It will be a case of organic growth. It may be a while before the opening party for the Analogue branch. Writing the Bureau into fictional existence, at the same time as building it is an option to consider.

Principles/ values

  • Keep it simple. If it’s complex, aim to serve it as simple as possible
  • Focus on the good stuff. Such as experimentation, freedom of expression, curiosity, caring for each other, equality of opportunity, harmony with nature
  • Be willing to explore the difficult and controversial stuff. Such as power relations/ manipulation/ violence, competition vs cooperation, the spiritual vs the factual, the exclusive vs the egalitarian, drugs, accessibility vs mythos, the inevitable absorption of counterculture into the mainstream…
  • Take a big mind perspective towards technology and innovation: if Buddha was to look at the effects of any given technology or innovation, would he see that it contributes to people’s abilities to be free, happy, comfortable, courageous and caring?