This is an annotated list of links, with the potential for growth.

TitleWhy bother?CategoryType of material/ Author/ Year
Dancing with systemsIn my understanding, counterculture is about change. Systems Thinking provides a framework how to think about change. This article isn’t just a useful (and simple) introduction to Systems Thinking, it also carries an image which would be worth exploring further.Systems ThinkingArticle by Donella Meadows
Flyin' Cut SleevesNew York City, gang culture, the 1970s. And in it Benjy (Benjamin Melendez), gang leader of the Ghetto Brothers, coming up with the idea that ‘Maybe we can channel all this negative energy into something very positive’. You hear things in here that may stay with you.NYCDocumentary, Henry Chalfant and Rita Fecher, 1993/2009, 60 mins
Jeremiah’s Vanishing New YorkThis blog records how what’s special about New York vanishes, one article at a time. It can be read in many ways. One could potentially drown in nostalgia and sadness. Turning the thing on its head, one can see it as a source of inspiration how to make a city, a neighbourhood, a shop, a setting special. NYCBlog by Jeremiah Moss, started approx. in 2007
Glenn Goins - the air traffic controller calling the mothershipForward to 2:00 when Glenn takes over and starts calling the mothership. Not expecting everyone to feel the same but to me this is as spiritual as music gets.P-FunkVideo - Parliament Funkadelic live in Houston 1976

My aim with this list is to

  • link to materials/sites that have a high inspiration potential and are simple enough to make sense of without taking up classes in cultural anthropology
  • include a brief description to help the reader gauge if that link is of interest to them.

Additions welcome.